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Our site is a sensitive one due to the nature of our Business, we store LPG for Commercial and Domestic use. Particular safety rules need to be followed and maintained during any and every job. Chip off the old Block understood these requirements and worked within these strict limitations, the crew and in particular owner operator Eric Devjak were flexible and adapted to the site without hesitation. We found their service to be prompt and professional. We would be happy to recommend him and his crew for future work.
Rob Woods
ELGAS - Qld Business and Administration Manager
Hamilton Hayes
From a personal referral we recently engaged Brisbane tree works company Chip Off The Old Block to provide services at our Gold Coast premises. Eric and his crew were faced with a number of challenges namely the tight access to job site, the termite treatment facilities and working over the top of a water tank . We also had to schedule the job on a Saturday to limit noise disturbance to neighbouring residents. The task was to remove a large gum tree, 2 palms and a Chinese elm. These trees were removed with no damage to roofing, fence, termite protection system and water tank. The job site was left clean and tidy and it was not necessary for us to be on site when the job was scheduled. Eric is an experienced, knowledgeable and professional operator. He runs a safe and efficient job site and we have since recommended his services.
Alan Hayes
Hamilton Hayes Henderson Architects - Director, Gold Coast
Green Options
As an established business of almost 25 years Green Options have set the benchmark for high quality standards in the landscape industry. Our environmentally-conscious and comprehensive services must be maintained when outsourcing to contractors. We trust Eric of Chip Off The Old Block to deliver this service because when he’s working on our sites he’s representing our name and reputation. We know that Eric and his crew will perform tree works in a safe and controlled environment. In our line of work we have no margin for error and we find Eric’s professional and polite attitude a pleasure to work with. Green Options has been contracting Chip Off The Old Block for more than 12 months now and will continue to do so.
Scott Egan
Green Options - Operations Manager, Brisbane
Awesome job!!! We met Eric when he was working on a job a few doors down from us. We were concerned about our pool & potential damage to our pool by large trees roots, so we asked his advice on these trees and also possible damage to neighbours fences. He put our mind at ease for one of them and said it was ok, but the other being an extremely tall Lilly Pilly he said it “had to go” as they had water seeking roots and could potentially crack the pool. As we had just moved into our home, Eric could see we were very concerned so he scheduled us in for an urgent job and very quickly and skilfully removed the tree – stump and all! He and his crew all worked very hard for the time they were here – very professional, very respectful – thank you and we would highly recommend.
Chris and Tim
Cleveland, Brisbane Southside

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