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Chip Off The Old Block is a personalised and professional Brisbane tree service company with four generations of industry knowledge and experience. Owner operator, Eric Devjak, is a 4th generation arborist with 10 years servicing Brisbane Tree Removal and Stump Grinding Needs . Based on Brisbane South Side, Chip Off The Old Block cover the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast Regions working in both residential and commercial areas. Chip Off The Old Block is fully insured and our crew are trained and skilled to provide a wide range of tree and stump Grinding Services:

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Here at Chip Of The Old Block we know that Tree Removal can sometimes be a complicated and delicate matter depending on not only the tree but also the location of it. Chip Of The Old Blocks qualified tree lopper team can assess your tree service needs and do it at the best price possible. Trees sometimes need to be removed for a number of reasons. You may have a tree or shrub on your property that is dead or dying which can result in it becoming a structural danger. Insects, water damage, tree stump and root diseases can cause this to happen and can undermine the strength of the tree. These can also become a veritable buffet for nasties such as termites as well. Which can cost you even more money in the long term if they get into your home or other trees.

What Is Tree Lopping?

Tree lopping simply is the act of literally cutting or lopping the top off a tree or the head off. Specialized tree lopping equipment including chainsaws, ropes and harnesses and for larger taller trees, cranes and cherry pickers may be needed to ensure the job is completed efficiently and to a high standard. Tree lopping nowadays is often frowned upon but still has its place amongst urban vegetation where small to medium trees can be topped and maintained to provide privacy, views, sun light penetration to other vegetation or solar systems on roofs. If maintained properly lopped or topped trees can be safe and home-friendly.

When you are building a house or an additional structure on your property or land trees can sometimes get in the way of construction. Whether it is an extension to your home, a deck or veranda, a shed or even a fence. Trees can sometimes get put a stop to these plans and even the tree root systems can get into pipes and even get into pools. We have the expertise in order to either remove the tree or relocate it to another area of your yard.

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The Right Gear For The Job

We have all the right gear for all the big and little jobs. Cranes, chippers, grinders, heavy duty chainsaws, trucks are needed to make sure that your tree lopping job is done not only right but also as safely as possible. We have seen in the past that some tree cutting companies don’t take the care required to make sure your yard or property is left the same way when this equipment is needed for the job. We pride ourselves on making sure that all tree branches and debris are taken off the property. Our stump grinding service can also remove the tree stump roots and all so you can reclaim the area. Removal of the stump and majority of its root system is imperative to provide less of an incentive for insects and dreaded termites. This new space will allow you to be able to put in a new garden, fence or extension.

The Chip Off The Old Block team have the equipment, knowledge and experience to cover all areas of tree lopping, tree pruning, stump grind and removal and tree mulching. We can come to you to provide you with a obligation free tree removal quote at your Brisbane home or Business.

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So call us on 0736678070, email us at or use our handy online quote form and get the Chip Of the Old Block team out to you today!

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