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The most common species of palm, namely the cocos or syagrus romanzoffiana, can look very untidy and unsightly without proper maintenance. To clean a palm, we must climb to the top and cut off the old dead palm fronds, seed pods, and berry clusters. Although it is not necessary for the health of the palm, regular maintenance is highly recommended for aesthetic and safety reasons, as it is quite common for dead palm fronds to simply peel away and fall from the tree. Regular palm tree maintenance, including palm tree removal Brisbane, assists in keeping bats, rats, possums, and snakes away.

The cocos palm species makes up a large percentage of suburban palms planted in South East Qld and is a declared pest. If pruned properly, palms can look quite exotic and beautiful.

Palm tree maintenance, including palm tree removal Brisbane, is a regular work request for our crew, and we are highly skilled in efficiently and safely pruning and maintaining palm trees.

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Because palm trees species are many and varied there is no singular method to removing palms. Different species have different timber characteristics and often tight or difficult access to palms need tricky old-school climbing and rigging techniques.
Chip Off The Old Block will happily discuss their method of palm removal Brisbane for your particular palm or palms at the time of the quote.

Palm tree maintenance: Pruning Palm Trees

palm tree removal maintenance brisbane

Regular pruning of palm trees is essential to a palm tree maintenance plan. Ongoing pruning will allow for continual aesthetically pleasing palms, keep vermin at bay and reduce the dangers of falling seed pods and fronds.

Chip Off The Old Block crew will always do their best to ensure safe palm tree removal and the safe and considerate relocation of these animals should we come across them. It is not uncommon for the work site to stop in order to save a possum and its baby.

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